Palo Verde National Park

FROM: $115 per person*
  • Shuttle bus service
  • Launch
  • Entry to National Park
  • Boat
  • At the end of the tour, there is a pottery demonstration.
  • Duration: full day from 6:30AM – 1PM
  • Wear: comfortable shoes, shorts and T shirt.
  • Bring: camera, insect repellent and cash
* minimum 3 persons
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Palo Verde is one of the most important and interesting National Parks in Costa Rica. It has at least 12 different habitats within the park including: mangroves,swamps,swamps forests,saltwater and freshwater lagoons and marshes.

Inthis tour you willget into the Tempisque River,the most important river of the Guanacaste.

On this river you will enjoy a two and a half hours boat ride. From the boat,watch the fabulous array of wild birds and a myriad of creatures such as howler monkeys,green iguanas and coatis,anteaters and crocodiles.

The park provides shelter for a great variety of birds such as the Ameri­ can Woodstock,the Roseate Spoonbill,the Boat-billed Heron,the Tiger Heron and the Tropical Kingbird.

This is a great tour for those who love nature and bird watching!

Palo Verde National Park is one of the most biologically diverse sites in Costa Rica. It comprises a rich mosaic of more than 15 different natural communities, including the deciduous lowland forest, the evergreen forest, the flooded forest, the deciduous forest of limestone hills, zacatonales, and mangrove swamps. The wetlands, which represent 50% of the park area, are a sanctuary for thousands of aquatic birds, both resident and migratory, which is why the park was declared an Important Wetland by the World Convention on Wetlands.

Outstanding resources
More than 750 species of plants have been identified, among which the palo verde, the pochote, the bitter cedar and the Guanacaste stand out. Here are also 5 of the 6 existing mangrove species in the country.

As for the fauna, more than 280 species of birds between migratory and resident have been identified, some in danger of extinction or with very small populations such:

The scarlet macaw (Ara macao), the gallant without luck (Jabirú micteria), the curassow (Crax rubra), as well as toledos (Criroxiphia liniaris), hawks (Polyboris plancus), ducks (Anas sp), gray herons (Casmerodis albus), among many others.

Regarding amphibians and reptiles, about 55 species have been inventoried, highlighting the frog snake, the bequer snake (Boa constrictor), the rattlesnake (Crotalos durisus), the coral (Micrurus nigrucintus); as well as crocodiles, iguanas and garrobos.

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